Delaney Zuver ’21

Independent Study uses a narrative approach to document the summer of 2020

Delaney Zuver ’21 collected and analyzed narratives of how people remember the summer of 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, mid-2020 election, and during the summer riots against racial injustice.

Stachal Harris ’21

Independent Study analyzes the use of race-based appeals by Black politicians in hopes to gain Black votes

Stachal Harris ’21 analyzes how verbal and visual race-based appeals affect voting habits of all racial groups

TongTong Wu ’21

Shedding light on the impact of Covid-19 on mental health

TongTong Wu ’21 studied the impact that COVID-19 news has on anxiety, depression, and empathy.

Isabella Ilievski ’21

Psychology and Education major examines how social learners experience online instruction

Isabella Ilievski ’21 investigates multimedia content delivery for social dependent learners

Wooster student Jack Redick wearing eye protection and a face mask working in a lab

Characterization of Substrate Promiscuity for 6-Hydroxynicotinate 3-Monooxygenase

A Transient Kinetic Investigation of the Decarboxylative-Hydroxylation of 5-Cl-6-Hydroxynicotinic Acid Name: Jack Redick Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Advisors:  Dr. Mark Snider, Dr. Paul […]

Zhen Guo

Combining majors in computer science and sociology, student designs a computer model to investigate the spread of rumors on Twitter

While sociology and computer science may seem like a “rare combination” Zhen Guo ’21, who came to The College of Wooster as an international student from Beijing, China, sees more research combing the disciplines in the future.

Hannah Lane-Davies ’21

I.S. research enhances understanding of birth workers in the COVID-19 era

Hannah Lane-Davies ’21 explores the commitments of contemporary birth workers

The Effect of Varying Paneling Characteristics on Soccer Ball Flight

Name: Daniel Halbing Major: Physics, Philosophy Advisors: Dr. Susan Lehman, Dr. Niklas Manz The predictability of flight of the Adidas Conext15, Adidas Jabulani, Adidas […]

Ariel Xie

Exoplanet Sunsets

Name: Ariel Xie Majors: Physics, Mathematics Minor: Computer Science Advisors: Dr. Lindner, Dr. Kelvey How does sunset look like on exoplanets? For some eccentric […]

Dragon Nest: Immersive Experience Design

Name: Mika Yonaha Self-designed Major: Digital Design of Entertainment Environments Advisors: Dr. Bridget Murphy Milligan, Dr. Nathan Sommer I have designed an interior space […]

Black Outside: A Film Exploring Black People’s Relationships With Outdoor Spaces

Name: Zoie Bills Majors: Communication Studies, Psychology Advisors: Dr. Denise Bostdorff, Dr. Melissa Weller Most Socially & Emotionally Connected Award Spending time in nature […]

Dante King

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Vergil and Ovid’s Clashing Portrayals of Individual and Group Identity

Name: Dante King Major: Classical Languages Advisors: Dr. Josephine Shaya, Dr. Monica Florence (second reader) This independent study examines Vergil’s Aeneid and Ovid’s Heroides and […]

Free-Fall Spinning-Planet Tunnel Transportation Network

Name: Yuchen Gan Major: Physics Advisors: Dr. John Lindner, Dr. Niklas Manz Transportation is a very general and important thing. We have airplanes and […]

Investigation of the Metabolic Role of Triose Phosphate Isomerase (TPI) in the Physiological Function of Myxococcus xanthus

Name: Sienna Carr Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Minor: Environmental Studies Advisors: Dr. Dean Fraga, Dr. Erszébet Regan (second reader) Myxococcus xanthusis a well […]

Hayden Lane-Davies

Catastrophic Imaginings: Human-Driven Catastrophe, the Anthropocene, The Skin of Our Teeth, and Lungs

Name: Hayden Lane-Davies Major: Theatre and Dance, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Advisors: Dr. Jimmy Noriega, Dr. Natasha Bissonauth (Second Reader) This Independent Study […]

Andreas Xenofontos

Match-Fixing in Cyprus: Examining the Impact on Fans’ Soccer Attendance

Name: Andreas Xenofontos Major: Economics Minor: Theatre and Dance Advisor: Dr. Brooke Krause Soccer is by far the most famous sport in Cyprus. Fans […]

Internet Accessibility and Usage in Relation to Political Participation and Knowledge

Name: Nia Johnson Major: Political Science Advisor: Dr. Avi Muñoz This Independent Study investigates the effect of internet access and usage on political participation […]

James Shanahan

The Apprentice and One Binary to Rule Them All: Gender in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Name: James Shanahan Major: English Minor: Film Advisor: Dr. Bryan Alkemeyer For my Independent Study I wrote the first draft of a novel I […]

Maxwell Engel

Keep it Simple Stupid: An Examination of American Conservative Populism in the Complex Neoliberal World Order

Name: Maxwell Engel Major: Political Science (International Relations) Minor: History Advisor: Dr. Jeff Lantis This study is an examination of conservative populism in the […]

Ashley Boersma

Working Memory Differences in Bilinguals’ First and Second Languages

Name: Ashley Boersma Major: Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Minor: Spanish Advisors: Dr. Ashley Abraham and Dr. Evan Wilhelms I became interested in bilingualism after attending […]