At Wooster, test-optional means we look at much more than test scores

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Learn what matters when you apply to The College of Wooster

The College of Wooster is test-optional for U.S. applicants, and we mean it. We know high school students in the college search process want to show their interests, skills and talents in every way they can, and you may be wondering if holding back on submitting a test score will weaken your application. Wooster’s faculty officially adopted a test-optional admission process in April 2020 to give consideration to many different expressions of a student’s achievements and abilities. At Wooster, we think standardized tests provide only a small amount of additional information about student readiness.

Applicants to Wooster who do not provide test scores are given the same admission consideration as those who do submit scores. And test scores are not part of the consideration for any student when it comes to merit scholarships. About 55% of students who applied to The College of Wooster for Fall 2021 did not submit test scores.

If you have a score from ACT or SAT that you’d like to submit, you can. However, here are the required materials for admission to The College of Wooster and a few details on why they matter:

  • Apply through the Common Application or Coalition Application which includes a section that allows you to list your activities and engagement. Don’t be modest. Share how you spend your time outside of class, which may include a part-time job or supporting family members or siblings (not just clubs or sports).
  • High School Transcript: This the “heart” of the application. It shares your story of growth (both achievements and challenges) within the context of your high school. Have you taken advantage of more rigorous courses when available, while ensuring a well-rounded schedule?
  • Secondary School Report, including the Counselor Recommendation: We want to hear from those who know you best as a student.
  • Teacher Recommendation: A teacher who has perhaps been a mentor or who knows your passion for certain subjects can help us understand how you have developed over time and contributed meaningfully in and out of the classroom.
  • Essay: This is truly the only part of the application where you have complete control. You determine the topic, and you shape the story. So, take your time and craft a response that embodies your personality and values.

An interview with an admissions representative is an optional component of the application, but something many applicants find to be a helpful in finding out if Wooster is a good fit for them.

We hope you are taking time to learn more about The College of Wooster, America’s premier college for mentored research. Our admissions staff is eager to answer questions, set you up with a tour, and support you as you explore your college options.

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